What would Lady Jane say?

Posted: 03/29/2004 in pop culture, television
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I am not a big fan of the Western genre. In fact I have spent my whole life avoiding any thing remotely involving excess amounts of dust, Smith & Westerns, horses and cowboys. Testament to my ignorance, for years I thought that Clint Eastwood played the character John Wayne in the movies! But, since there is a dearth of character driven drama I dipped into HBO’s Deadwood. The first episode was slow, but has potential and I will stick with it. Plus, it’s great to see Lovejoy Ian McShane gone bad 🙂

Some thing struck me as I watched the promo for Law & Order SVU – they seem to be proud of their non-original plots with their tag line ‘ripped from the headlines’. Should they change it to ‘too lazy to think of something ourselves’? I am also confused over the mixed messages that the glut of reality shows send out. I always thought that the west disapproved of arranged marriages but isn’t that the idea behind all these tv dating shows? And as the US recovers from an economic slump, the hot new phrase around the water cooler is ‘You’re fired’ taken from a show about redundacy down sizing…thank you The Apprentice.


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