Run me a bath I feel cheated and dirty….

Posted: 03/22/2004 in culture, films
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I have a pretty high tolerance for bad movies. Give me an entertaining or visually pleasing picture that are either flawed or otherwise vacuous (The Core, Fast and the Furious, GI Jane, Terminator or Alien 3 to name a few) and you wont here me complain. Unfortunately, Taking Lives built itself up to be a smart, scary thriller but turned out to be IMO a dead donkey. It stars the uber talented Angelina Jolie and the premise was intriguing – I had hopes of The Bone Collector spliced with Prime Suspect. The superb cast is underused (as is Montreal), the twists are easier to work out than your average episode of Law & Order and then the plot line starts to fall away.

I haven’t read the book, but I do intend as I have a feeling that it makes a better job of weaving a story that enthrals and entertains.


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