Good Byeee

Posted: 03/15/2004 in culture, films, television
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Last week I saw Good Bye Lenin and it is an amazing German film – very touching and funny! The premise is that a woman falls into a coma in East Germany before the Berlin wall comes down and the subsequent reunification. When she wakes up a few months later it is to a very different country, her doctors tell her family that she must not have any shocks so they decide to pretend that nothing as changed. As her son tries to shield her from the dramatic changes he builds an alternative world and it concludes with a different spin on the united Germany.

Since it is a foreign language film it has a limited release but it really is worth watching and I am sure ultimately more satisfying than a lot of the current releases at the moment.

As a footnote I am not sure what to make of Wonderfalls…I liked the main characters pithy (or should I say pissy) humour but it should be interesting to see it develop over the coming weeks 🙂


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