… and the Oscar goes to…

Posted: 03/02/2004 in books, culture, films, pop culture
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Blinking hobbits and orks again and again, trampling over ‘Lost in Translation’, ‘Master and Commander’ and everything else. Will the next Star Wars installment get 11 nods – no cos it is not based on a Oxbridge Prof book! But, I am pleased that Tim Robbins won for ‘Mystic River’ as his was the stand out performance of the film and Sean Penn should have won for ’21 Grams’ instead of MR.  Was it just me or did Fran Walsh do everything on LOTR? It began to feel like she was on stage every time it won…..

Just ignore me I’m still bitter that Stephen Frears ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ was not nominated for more than Best Original Screenplay. It is the most beautiful, chilling and truthful portrayal of the perils of immigration – but I guess the subject matter cut a little to close to the bone for the academy. 

Since finishing ‘Vanity Fair’ I have started ‘Brighton Rock’ – from one sociopath to another 🙂

  1. jennifer c. says:

    I wasn’t really watching the Oscars, but it was on in the next room. When I saw John Cusack presenting that award, I leapt from my chair and raced to the TV. That was the highlight of my night. I’m easily pleased.

  2. flaming zinc says:

    Yes – his brief appearance was one of the high lights of the night and when Sean Penn dissed everyone who writes a speak before hand! It is bugging me that Jennifer Garner seems to be presenting something every year and she is not a movie star – shameless ABC plugging Alias!!!!!

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