Posted: 02/22/2004 in pop culture, sci-fi, television
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So, Angel got it’s P45 last week and now there of mumblings about whether Enterprise will get renewed for a 4th Season.  Well I got my fingers crossed that UPN will greenlight another season. Okay – it was rather slow to get going but so were its predecessors and I am enjoying my time in the Expanse looking for the WMD. Here are a few things that I would love them to include:

* Is Dax old enough to make an appearance?
* Does Q have anything to do with the creation of the Expanse?
* Background on how the Federation was formed. 
* Glimpse at how future conflicts arose e.g. Cardassians/Bajorans, how did the Borg evolve – were they once humanoid but took technology one step too far?
* The social and economic changes that occurred on Earth e.g. how did they come to stop using money, is it a planned economy?
* Give Archer  decent villains to go up against the Xindi don’t really scare in the same way Cardassians (esp. Gul Dukat), Borg or The Dominion did.


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