I have a sore throat and the start of a cold, which I am putting down to all the talking I have had to do over the past when when registering with temping agencies and I am sure the germs came from – shock horror mixing with people. See, when I am left to my own solitary devices in the flat I don’t get sick!!!! Go, isolation!!!!

Sunday, saw the Aquila Theatre company’s version of ‘Agamemnon’. The staging and costumes were fab. But, I felt that the 3 leads (Clytaemnestra, Agamemnon and Cassandra) hammed it up so much that it was more of a comedy than tragedy. Cassandra came across as a distant cousin of Bubble from Ab Fab. The translation used was rather flat and simple, the poetry and imagery in the text was lost.

I felt the translation they used ‘dumb’ down the poetry and xxxxx.

Last night Alex and I saw John Williams conduct the NY Philharmonic in ‘The Art of Score’. It was truly magical – hearing and watching a live orchestra was such a treat. I am still bowled over by all the bows moving in sync 🙂

Off to feel sorry for myself and gargle with the left over Christmas sherry….


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