Tyra vs. Trump

Posted: 01/25/2004 in pop culture, television
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Watched The Apprentice repeats on TiVo from Saturday night – so disappointed, it was all hot air and no content. The whole girls against boys is very last millennium, and why was there no review or feedback on how either team performed in each task. I’d have thought it would have been fascinating to have shown clips with how the two teams negotiated for the different items and have Trump comments. Oh well –  who’d have thought that America’s Next Top Model would make more informative and satisfying viewing. You go J Alexander teaching the world to walk…

Currently bitching my way through the Golden Globes… Very happy that ‘The Office’ won an award and no one in the audience seemed to know who they were. Reminded me of the Brit awards, years ago, when Belle & Sebastian won and there was this slight delay in clapping that screamed who the hell are they?!? I shall get back to complaining that ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ deserved a nomination but got NOTHING – a film that cuts too close to the bone me thinks.


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